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Whether you are a claims examiner, an attorney or a care provider, Castro Enterprises Interpreting is your source for language interpreting services covering all of Southern California including, but not limited to, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire and San Diego County.  Upon request, we are also able to service the Central Coast, Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.


Whenever you need us, wherever you want us, we adapt to virtually every need and requirement, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Furthermore, we are able to handle unexpected or last minute appointments with minimal difficulty.



®        AOE/COE’s, AME’s, IME’s, QME’s

®        Hospital / Surgical Center Admissions

®        Medical Evaluations & Follow-ups

®        Medical Diagnostic Study Appointments

®        Physical Therapy / Rehab. Evaluations          


®        Arbitration Meetings

®        Depositions

®        Depo Preparations / Depo Readings

®        Statements / Testimonies

®        W.C. Board Appearances




We specialize in the Workers’ Compensation System, and our team of California State-Certified Medical, Administrative Hearing and Court interpreters, has extensive hands-on experience, many of them with well more than 20 years in their respective field.


Superior translating skills . . . Excellent communication skills

Courteous . . . Friendly . . . Honest . . . Confidential

Highly reliable . . . Always prompt . . . Appropriate business attire


You can be sure our services will be handled expeditiously, professionally and with the highest ethical standards.  Most important, Castro Enterprises Interpreting is cost effective with competitive rates that are flexible to meet your needs.  For your added convenience, we also handle cases on lien basis, if needed.


Should you have any questions regarding our agency or to arrange for an interpreter, please feel free to contact us. 



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